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In working together with our customers, an open
dialogue between partners results in a win-win situation.

We see ourselves as a manufacturer, supplier and consultant for our customers. Their success is intertwined closely with SWB’s success. This strategy is based on long-term cooperation instead of short-term profit. We advise our customers in selecting wear parts for their systems. The customer provides all of the necessary information about the system and the type of material being processed.

Our technicians create a clear recommendation for them. We wouldn’t be SWB if our approach were to simply adapt solutions and only follow conventional paths. Rather, we want to be a trailblazer through independent research and continuous innovation of our products. That’s why today we supply not only highly wear-resistant castings, but also all of the necessary components for profitable system operation.

Collaborations between us and our customers take place in many areas. SWB customers are recyclers. In contrast to raw steel production with furnaces, SWB melts secondary raw materials in induction furnaces. This greatly reduces CO2 emissions. In this aspect as well, we are making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Good to know

SWB is world leader in differential hardened hammers in the field of shredder technology.